“A beautiful mind leads to creation; Creativity indeed is the foundation of growth” Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam

According to the Mayan Calendar, the world ended on 21st December 2012.That means we have survived the so-called “apocalypse” and living in a new era. Now this is our turn to make our own history!!! Let’s say to our future generation that we survived “2012” (without entering into the spaceship ) Knowledge will enlighten our minds. I strongly believe that we can spread that knowledge to the next generation.
To the teachers who enlightened me;
To the friends who made a mark in my life;
To the professors and students of the University of Hyderabad And        
To All my well wishers
I dedicate
A Post-Apocalyptic world (A New Beginning)
I hope this magazine will touch yesterday go through today and reach tomorrow.
Greeshma .G
Chief Editor

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  1. nice according to Mayan calender .so in history there is something which was wrong.anyway good creation congrats. but my suggestion is to follow your own views not others .

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