Till the next Meeting

This winter morning, I am sitting on this smooth rock near the waterfall. Looking at the mountain pass in the east. The sound of waterfall fishes playing in the river, the song of an unknown wild bird… nothing is disturbing me now. Because I am waiting for him who has stolen my heart. Now I can hear the sound of a horse, earlier it was wage but it is loud and vibrant now. Is that Champ? Yes, it is. I can imagine the feeling in his mind that provokes him to hold that mush tight to the reins of Champ.  When did I meet him last? Oh! It’s a long gap. But I remember like yesterday. I am excitingly looking at the snow covered hill passage. The figure which seems like a dot become clearer slowly. How fast is he? His hairs are winged in the mist in his path! His pullover, galoshes, and muffler.  Why! Why did you forget your hat? Did I pressurize you that much?  Now I can see him clearly. His hair is wet. My legs were urging to run near him, but I didn’t do that because he doesn’t like that. I moved a little more forward. My body is vibrating for something. He jumped down from Champ. I looked at him from top to bottom. I moved nearer to him and looked at him once again. Then I raised my hand and flicked away the snow from his hair. “Why did you ask me to come? Do you want to tell me something?” raising his eyebrows, he inquired. I smiled and shook my head. I felt like nature is still. We became engrossed in each other. Suddenly the hoofs of Champ woke us up from dreaming. He pulled out his watch from the coat pocket. Then only we realized the passage of time.

“Can I move?” He asked


 “I have many works to complete and there my absence for a second will result in a huge lag. So I want to leave now”. Yes I am aware of his roles and duties in the capital city.

“Ok, when we will meet next?”

He didn’t answer. Initiating the nest meeting, forgetting myself in an embrace. This is the movement I really desired.  He climbed on Champ and moved away from me. My beloved bye-bye, take care. I will be here until the next meeting.


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