Why do you choose a flower as a gift?


Flowers, the seed-bearing part of a plant, consisting of reproductive organs of a plant – the stamens and carpels that are usually surrounded by a brightly coloured corolla or petals and green sepals. Flowers has been choose as a gift for any event. Flower has been a sign of love. Hence, a red rose is chosen by a man to express his interest in a girl. Flower as a gift plays the role beyond romance. Now the flower is a gift for birthdays, anniversaries etc…

Flowers are available in a variety of shapes and colour, flourish in bunches with love and care, they transform from buds to blossoms. We can learn different lessons from flowers:

  • Live Vibrantly – Dare to Be Diverse
  • Be happy soak up with thoughts and moments to grow.
  • Grow deeper roots in your community.
  • Offer thoughts on making the right choices for you and others.
  • Live an ordered life in a harassed and unfocussed world.
  • Increase energy and balance and spread positive energy
  • Become your own best friend and build stronger connections with others.
  • Be prepared for anything, quickly and elegantly, no matter what life tosses at you.

Flower is a faultless gift.  There’s nothing similar to the gratification of giving the perfect gift. A bunch of flowers delivers happiness, romance, love, appreciation or sympathy etc… The meaning conveyed by a flower will vary according to its variety, colour and size, for expressing love the flower is a red rose, and for appreciation generally it will be a bouquet and so on. Hence while choosing flower as a gift we should be vigilant. We should first consider the preferences of the person to whom you gift the flower to. For example: What colours do him or her like? Does she or he have any favourite flowers? What kind of message do you want to convey?

Choose the flower according to their floral personality for example: – For suiting for the people who are casual, prefer the outdoor plants. Either flowering or green plants, meadow flowers; for romantics people who are liberal, impulsive and overgenerous. Bouquets of light colours, light scents; Eye-catching flowers and rare blends of shape, colour and texture will match the personality of individuals who seek personal betterment; People who are dependable and family oriented and who prefer classic styles prefer a great variety of flowers; large vibrant flowers will be the favourites of the 21st century youth. Before choosing the gift consult with your florist, he can help you to pick up the right gift.

Flowers have long been used to express our intimate feelings.  While gifting a flower, you are conveying a message based on the colour and type of flower you choose.

Roses are available many variations and colours. Gifting different roses represents different messages as follows: –

  • Red roses are the universal symbol of love. It states “I love you”. It also speaks of desire and passion. That is why for proposing men usually use a red rose.
  • White roses assert your everlasting love for the girl and convey the message that she is worthy, showing her your respect as an equal
  • Yellow roses are connected with jealousy and friendship. The exact meaning will be conveyed through the situation in which you gift a yellow rose to a woman.
  • If the red and white is given together it implies unity and togetherness.
  • Pink roses are the sign of happiness, confidence and thankfulness.
  • Purple: Purple is a sign of love at first sight or else they demonstrate your commitment to your girl.


Orchids are mystic and attractive, orchids are gifted to say that someone is special. Lilies are a wonderful, splendid flower which transmit a mysterious air and go afar from the usual flowers of selection when it comes to a subject of the heart. If you want to be a little more stylish, then consider giving a lily or a whole bunch of them to your lover. Lilies used for expressing love as well as for funerals. Different coloured lilies are used for different purposes.

  • White Lilies declare unconditional love.
  • Peruvian lilies represent commitment and friendship.
  • The orange lily displays passion, desire.
  • Yellow lily can exhibit feelings of gay love.


Pick a flower or flowers that recap you of your friend’s exclusive inner self, and keep a memorandum connecting the flower to them. Gifting flowers to your soulmate is a regular way to express your emotions. Flowers express how special and caring you are.   Whenever you are getting a break from your busy schedules, don’t forget to spend the break with your life partner, mother, sister or anyone, spontaneously return home with a flower or bunch of flowers then you’ll be astonished by how much love you get in return from them.



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